A Letter From The Co-Founder Mr Marc Del-Valle

In light of the recent spike in knife crime myself, Marvin Heron (aka Starvs) the founder and MJ Reed created the non-profitable organisation, based predominantly in Cardiff and surrounding areas. The team was created to eventually expand Nationwide.

The foundation was created in the light of so many deaths around Cardiff, which took place in short space of time. I have lost 3 friends in 18 months and another friend was stabbed and is still fighting for his life in hospital. Cardiff has 4 young youths stabbed in the 6 weeks school holiday alone.

The impact that knife crime is having on the community is nothing short of devastating. My heart wrenches every time I am sat with a new family affected by knife crime. The team and I work relentlessly with those affected and to encourage youths off the streets and into the volunteer-led youth clubs that we have re-invigorated.

I think it is fair to say there is a knife crime epidemic on our streets right now and the worrying thing is Juveniles (aged 10-17) were the offenders in 21% of knife crime cases. Home office figures showed the number of fatal stabbings in England and Wales in 2017-18 is the highest since records began. The plan moving forward is to raise awareness through all available channels, to occupy the youths time with meaningful workshops that can give them skills for life, offer opportunities as they present themselves, take knives off the street through amnesties for people who would rather hand them in away from the police. Simply put our mission is to reduce knife crime through any means necessary.

Since we started 5 weeks ago we have started several workshops. So far, we have Music, Art, Boxing, DJ production, Stunt workshops, Survival Skills, Bristol City football club workshops, Cardiff Devils Crimestoppers (fearless project) and Cardiff City and many more. The support has been overwhelming!

One of the reasons we have been able to do so much so fast is because of the overwhelming support we have received. We have generously been given venues for free by some of our amazing supporters, others have donated their valuable time and so far, we have raised £10,700 for the funeral of Harry Baker with sponsored bike rides and football matches.

We are working with various organisations. We also have Welsh councillors & Welsh Assembly onside. We have had exposure on Cardiff Radio, Wales Online, ITV News, BBC & Crimestoppers are doing workshops with us. All in all we are gaining momentum & traction but we need to keep pushing.

If you feel you can help, any support you can give in any way would be hugely appreciated. Any financial support given will go towards pushing this essential campaign forward and running meaningful workshops for the kids.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Marc Del-Valle
Co Founder



The Victims Stories

Put The Knives Down (PTKD)

PTKD was created in order to encourage members of the community to put down the knives and apply themselves through the mediums of :
Boxing / Martial Arts
Technical Work Shops
Chef workshops
Cyber Apprenticeships
Adventurous Training
Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT)
Army Reserve
Youth working centers
and any other initiative